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iPhone Repair Options

One of the most common repairs on any iPhone is the screen and/or the digitizer. No matter how careful we are with our iPhones, most of us drop them at some point and occassionally even with the best protection, the screen will break. Fortunately, the iPhone 6 screen can be replaced.

When the battery in any iPhone gets to the point when it won’t last the day, it’s time to have it replaced. Battery replacements are typically inexpensive compared to screen replacements and in most places can be done within one hour. This service is also a good idea to be done during other services such as screen replacements.

If you can’t hear people on the phone, or if you have to turn on speaker phone in order to use your phone, the earpiece on your iPhone should be replaced.

The camera on an iPhone is one of the most important function. if either your front camera or your rear facing camera suddenly becomes defective or is damage, we can replace either of those cameras.

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iPhone 6 Repairs

About the repair process

While the most typical repairs on the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6S, and the iPhone 6 Plus are going to be the screen replacement and the battery replacement, there are many other components that may need replacing over time. Our staff is trained to replace your iPhone’s screen, battery, earpiece, or just about anything that could be broken.

When you bring us your device, especially for screen replacement, we will inspect your device and give you a quote for the repairs while you wait. If we believe that a cracked screen could possibly lead to a broken camera or the need to replace the earpiece, we will let you know as well. Our staff will make sure that you know the costs in advance so that you can decide if you want to get the work done. Depending on the availability of the technician’s schedule for that day, we will hopefully start the repairs on your iPhone 6 right away.

Most repairs can be completed in one to two hours, but our staff will give you an estimate for the time of completion.  We know how important your phone is and we will do our best to get the repairs completed as quickly as possible, but make sure the repairs are done correctly.

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