iPhone Screen Replacement

Affordable Repairs for all your Apple devices


When your screen is cracked or damaged or your phone doesn't charge that well anymore, don't put up with it like that. The repairs for an iPhone are more affordable than you think. We can also repair other components or replace your battery if it doesn't hold a charge anymore.

iPhone Plus

Even though the screen on your iPhone Plus is much larger than the standard iPhone devices, the cost for screen repairs and battery replacements and other repairs is almost identical.​

iphone screen replacement
iphone 6s screen replacement
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iPhone Repair Options

What we can fix on your device

iPhone Screen Replacement

If you drop your phone and the screen cracks and breaks, you don't have to live with it like that. We know how much time you spend on your phone and who wants to have a crack right down the middle. Screen repairs are affordable and don't take that long to get done. Give us a call for pricing.

iPhone Battery

As time goes on, the battery life of any electronic device will hold less and less charge. The iPhone is no different. When your battery can't make it through the day without having to sit on the charger, it's time to get the battery replaced.

iPhone Charging Port​

Over time, the charging port on your iPhone will start to wear out or fill with debris. You'll notice that you have to wiggle your charging cable to get a decent connection. Fortunately, the iPhone charging port can be replaced.


Give us a Call

To schedule an appointment, give us a call. Most phone repairs do not take too much time and in many cases, can be done the same day. Still, it is best to call us in advance to make sure we have the right parts in stock for your iPhone and to make sure that we will be able to get the repairs done quickly.

Come by Our Shop

Feel free to drop by with an iPhone that you need us to look at. Our shop is open Monday through Friday during the morning and afternoon except during lunch. We can take a look at your phone and discuss with you the repairs, and the amount of time it will take and quote you a price to get the work done.