Lenovo Laptop Solid State Drive Upgrade

We completed an upgrade on a Lenovo 17 inch laptop.  The laptop was in great condition but was booting very slow to Windows 10.  The boot process was taking 3-5 minutes and the computer was very slow to respond.  The slowness may have been caused by software issues related to a recent software update.  It also may have been caused by mechanical issues in the hard drive.  Regardless of the exact cause, we suggested a solid state drive upgrade since the laptop already had an Intel I3 CPU and 8GB of memory.

lenovo laptop solid state drive upgrade

Improvements after the solid state drive was installed

The computer upgrade was completed using a 250GB SSD.  Windows 10 was reinstalled and the operating system was updated.  After Windows was installed and set up and all updates performed, the laptop booted between 13 and 15 seconds.  This was a huge improvement from the 3-5 minutes boot time using the basic hard disk drive. We also installed basic software including Google Chrome, Office 365, and Adobe PDF reader.  All data was transferred from the existing 1TB HDD.

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