Windows Operating System Crashes

Windows Operating System Crashes

Quite often I see computers come in where Windows has crashed. Most recently of course, these are Windows 10 computers that are dealing with the blue screen of death (BSOD). This is caused by a number of issues, but always has to do with a software or hardware issue.

Historically, this BSOD meant that you had a hardware issue, but that was with older versions of Windows. That screen was meant to alert you, the user, that there was a component malfunctioning within the computer and needed attention. Now though, with Windows 10, the BSOD can mean a software issue as much as it can mean that a piece of hardware has gone bad.

windows operating system crashes

If you are seeing this screen on your Windows 10 computer, something is definitely wrong.  Sometimes, it will correct itself or go away after a restart, but other times, it means that something is wrong. The way that you typically know something is wrong is if you see this message and you can’t get your computer to boot to Windows.

Windows 10 BSOD Causes

Hardware Issues

The first possible cause of Windows operating system crashes would be a hardware issue. The most common hardware problems with a Windows PC is going to be faulty memory, a failing video card, and the hard drive. There are other possible hardware problems, but these are the most common that I have seen over the years.

The memory is generally an easier fix as a new stick of memory will solve the problem. The way to troubleshoot this issue is to remove one stick of memory and try booting up the computer again. If the computer boots up without error, than you have found the culprit.  If not, try the other memory sticks until you find the one causing the error.

The video card is also another fairly easy fix, but is a less common problem. When the video card fails, you won’t always get the Windows BSOD, you’ll lose your display altogether.

The most common hardware problem is the hard drive. Many hard drives that are older begin failing or have corrupt sectors and Windows will have issues accessing this part of the hard drive for that reason. When the hard drive starts failing, the drive needs to be backed up immediately and replaced.  I have seen too many hard drives that are beyond repair.

Software Issues

If it isn’t a hardware issue, Windows operating system crashes are caused by a software issue.  The most common software issue is a failed update.  For some reason, Windows 10 has frequent issues while updating the operating system.  This is one of the most common reasons we see computers.

Unfortunately, when the Windows update fails, the Windows recovery platform can’t recover the operating system. This happens because the recovery platform itself is corrupted or the partition system on the hard drive has been destroyed.

Another possible software issue is related to a virus or malware infection. There are a wide variety of different types of infections. Any of these can cause damage to the Windows file system and create an issue with the functionality of Windows. If this is the case, we can help with the virus removal.

Solutions to the Windows operating system crashes

While the recovery platform can take care of some issues, it is limited in what it can do to solve the Windows blue screen of death. The recovery platform of course is limited to the software and will not solve physical hardware issues.  Hardware issues can only be solved by replacing hardware.

If the hard drive does happen to be the issue, data recovery is the most important thing at first. After the data is backed up, we can determine if the drive is still in good condition. If not, we can replace the hard drive with a standard hard drive, or replace the hard drive by upgrading to a solid state drive. A solid state drive gives your computer an immediate upgrade.

Hard drive issues, or software related problems are something we can diagnose and solve at our shop. If you see this blue screen and the Windows recovery software can’t get you up and running, give us a call.  We see this problem all the time and can provide you with options and solutions to recover your data and get your computer back up and running.


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